Wolf 06

With "Wolf 06," John Sheldon offers a memorial tribute that he hopes will bring attention to senseless wolf killings. John was so inspired by the experience of creating Wolf 06 that he recorded a second song for the entire Lamar Canyon pack. He had the perfect song already written. The original is called "Badlands" but he's calling this version "Running Free," John recorded it in the same style. John Sheldon is offering both songs free to the wolf lovers of the world.

"I wanted to make a tribute. I'll never know if I connected to some great wolf spirit, or just the wolf spirit in me, but what's the difference? The piece is my offering to wildlife and wolf lovers of the world. It's what I have to give." – John Sheldon, Composer of "Wolf 06"

Visit the Wolf 06 Album Page to DOWNLOAD FREE MP3s of "Wolf 06" and "Running Free".

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